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ATP Greece is a pilot training academy which was founded in Arta by a team of highly trained and exceptionally experienced professionals in the field of aviation training. We are a Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority…

Why to become a Pilot


Salary and Health Benefits

Aviation careers  allow for substantial growth opportunities. Nearly all airlines offer standard annual raises, along with health benefits.


Other Economic Benefits

Some airlines even pay for your accommodation, so you can spend your salary on whatever you wish.


Job Security

The demand for pilots is rising. In fact, experts estimate that the need for pilots has steadily surpassed the supply, and will continue to do so for years to come. With that in mind, there’s no better time to become a pilot.


Love to Travel

Traveling is one of the major perks of this career. With free time between flights, pilots have the chance to explore new cities and spend time meeting new people and discovering different cultures and languages. The commercial pilot job will expand your horizons and leave you with some astonishing experiences.


Great View

Not many people in the world can say they have an office in the clouds. Nothing beats the view from a cockpit. Most pilots say it’s a view they never grow tired of.

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